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Honda Philosophy

The strength of the Honda Corporation comes from the Honda Philosophy. This was created by Soichiro Honda, the founder of  Honda Motor. Honda associates throughout the World are encouraged to understand and practice Honda Philosophy, which encourages each Honda company to establish its own corporate philosophy, in accordance with its business purpose, based on Honda Fundamental Beliefs, the Honda Company Principle and Honda Management Policies. Honda has always been a company which seeks challenges and takes risks. By pursuing these challenges, we have achieved success. Although we have also experienced some failures, we have learned from our experiences and built on our success through constant research and endeavour.

Occupational Health and Safety

Honda MPE is committed to providing and maintaining, so far as is practicable, a working environment that is safe and without risks to health. There can be no compromise with safety as all staff are responsible for maintaining a safe environment in which to work.

Corporate Governance

In order for Honda MPE to continue to develop and grow, it is necessary to further enhance the trust of our company's customers, society, stakeholders and staff members. To this end, we must not only respect laws and regulations, but exceed them by adopting the highest possible standards of ethical corporate conduct. Honda MPE has designed a system of corporate governance to ensure highly ethical corporate conduct not only at the management level, but also in the daily work of every staff member.