Corporate Profile


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Corporate Governance

In order for Honda MPE to continue to develop and grow, it is necessary to further enhance the trust of our company’s customers, society, stakeholders and staff members.

To this end, we must not only respect laws and regulations, but exceed them by adopting the highest possible standards of ethical corporate conduct.

 Honda MPE has designed a system of corporate governance to ensure highly ethical corporate conduct not only at the management level, but also in the daily work of every staff member.

The essential components of Honda MPE corporate governance program are underscored by our Code of Conduct which emphasises the following principles:


We manage our business in full compliance with all laws and regulatory requirements.


We build and maintain the trust and respect of our customers, dealers, partners and stakeholders.


We promote a diverse, cooperative and productive work environment. We are responsible, caring members of the global community.

Risk Management

We are responsible stewards in the use, protection, and management of Honda MPE assets.