Corporate Profile


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Our management policy is a simple one...

Establish a business foundation which is stable; resilient against all forces including exchange rate fluctuations; while expanding the motorcycle, power equipment and marine business, at the same time contributing to our customers and Australia's well being.


We aim to become an industry leader through:

  • Promoting a working environment which embraces the Honda Philosophy.
  • Establishing a product range which will be accepted by our customers and apply pressure to our competitors.
  • Building a dealer network which reflects our desires and intentions.
  • Seeking out new fields in order to expand our business.
  • Encouraging a safe riding mind set through HART activities, and fulfill our social responsibility as a motorcycle company.
  • Contribute to the community through participation in regional community activities.
  • Contributing to the Australian economy through the operation of a stable business expansion of exports and employment.


Our senior management team includes:

Managing Director
Hiroaki Funami
Robert Toscano
General Manager - Customer Service
Tony Hinton
General Manager - Motorcycles
Peter Singleton
General Manager - Power Equipment
Victor Colcott


General Enquiries Ph: (03) 9270 1111
Media Enquiries Ph: (03) 9270 1183