Frequently Asked Questions

General Information for All Honda Products

Where is my nearest Honda Dealership?

To locate your nearest Honda Dealer visit:

Can I buy directly from Honda Australia?

No. Customers can purchase Honda products through Honda Dealerships.

To locate your nearest Honda Dealer visit:

How do operations differ between Honda MPE and Honda AUH?

While Honda is a global company, Honda Australia has two divisions – Honda AUH and Honda MPE. Honda MPE handles operations for Motorcycles, Marine and Power Equipment, and Honda AUH focuses on cars. Both divisions operate from different locations in Melbourne.

Honda Cars:
Honda MPE:

I’ve lost my owner’s manual, how do I get a new one?

You can download owner’s manuals free of charge from the Honda website, and also order a new manual through your local Dealer. Some manuals for older models may not be available for purchase or download.

Owner’s manuals are located at
under the ‘Owning a Honda’ section.

Where can I find pricelists for Honda products?

Almost all the Recommended Retail Prices are on the Honda website, in the ‘specifications’ section of each product. If you are unable to find a price then please contact your local Dealer.

Where can I find Honda brochures?

Brochures are available from all Honda Dealerships, and also from the Honda MPE website.

To download brochures visit:
and click on the ‘About Honda’ link, and then the ‘Brochures’ link.

There was a giveaway/promotion offered with my Honda purchase but I haven’t received it yet. What should I do?

Honda provides great promotional offers and giveaways wherever possible, which will normally be sent directly to your Dealer between 2 to 6 weeks from the date your sale is registered with Honda.

If you haven’t yet received your items after this time first contact your Dealer, before emailing:

Why do I need to use Honda oil with my Honda products?

You will get better performance from your Honda products with Honda oil. Researched and tested for Honda products, Honda oil will maximise your engine performance, increase fuel economy, extend engine life and is friendlier to the environment.

Can I use ethanol fuel in my Honda product?

  • E10 ethanol fuel can be used with Honda Marine and Power Equipment, and also motorcycles produced after 1990, although it is not recommended.  
  • It’s important to know:
    1. Ethanol Fuel can damage paintwork - Take care not to spill when refuelling, and promptly wipe off any spill.
    2. Rubber Fuel System Parts may become degraded more quickly.
    3. Depending on weather, and the condition of the motorcycle, driveability may be adversely affected.
    4. For marine applications it’s best to speak to the boat builder. There will be issues with certain fuel tanks (aluminium and fibreglass) as well as hoses and other fuel line components.
  • Use of higher ethanol grade fuels may cause running and/or performance issues. If an engine failure occurs and a higher ethanol grade fuel has been used then repairs will not be covered by the Honda limited warranty.

What is the warranty period for my product?

For the warranty period on your Honda product visit
and click on the ‘Owning a Honda’ and ‘Product Warranty Periods’ links. 

Is my warranty transferrable?

If you buy a Honda product second-hand the remaining Honda limited warranty is transferred to you, however any extended warranties that were purchased at the original point of sale would not be.

Do I have to take my Honda to an authorised Dealership for servicing?

It is recommended that you get your Honda serviced at an authorised Honda Dealership, however, you are free to have your Honda product serviced by any suitably qualified mechanic. This will not affect your statutory warranties, however, failure by the owner to have the recommended servicing carried out by an authorised Honda Dealer means that you cannot take advantage of the Honda limited warranty.

For more information about the Honda Limited Warranty visit:
and look under the ‘Owning a Honda’ link.

How can I find out if my Honda product is part of a recall?

To find out if your Honda product is part of a recall contact your local Dealer and provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of Frame Serial Number (for Power Equipment/Marine products).

Your Dealer will be able to confirm if the product is affected and what action must to be taken.

To locate your nearest Honda Dealership use the Dealer Locator at:

How can I obtain Honda Finance for a product?

Honda MPE Financial Services can help you with getting the latest Honda product right away.

The HondaLoan is specifically designed to assist individuals while Honda AgRent is designed to assist primary producers to utilise the latest Honda farming equipment.

For more information on Honda MPE Financial Services visit
and ‘Owning a Honda’ link, or talk to your local Dealer.

Why can I find Honda products on US and European websites but not in Australia?

Different models are released at different times around the world based on production schedules and demand. Some Honda models won’t be made available for the Australian domestic market at all.

What are the performance numbers of my Honda product, such as horsepower and top speed?

Honda normally does not publish performance numbers. You may want to check with various industry magazines or websites which may publish their own performance tests. Independent test results may vary depending on testing conditions, equipment, etc.

How do I get a job with Honda MPE?

If you are interested in working at Honda MPE, please submit your resume with the relevant information or alternatively contact Megan Hooker in the HR Department on Ph: 03 9270 1111 or Email:

For more information visit and click on the About Honda, and Careers link.