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Download The Cool, Entertaining Asimo Desktop Widget Now!

7 April 2010 - The Asimo Desktop Widget places Asimo right on your desktop. Asimo not only moves around, but displays the latest news from Honda, provides a convenient memo function, and more. (* Some functions require internet connection.)

System requirements

A Windows PC with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 or a Mac with Mac OS X 10.4 or later. Internet connection. Adobe® AIR™ runtime installed.

The Asimo Desktop Widget has the following functions:

Asimo Actions
Asimo walks and runs around your screen, and performs many unique actions.
Click on Asimo to start a new action. You can also drag Asimo anywhere on the screen.

RSS News Display
When available, Asimo displays the latest news from the Honda Worldwide site. You can choose from three balloon styles.

The Menu window allows you to access the following functions:

- News: The latest news from the Honda Worldwide site
- Search: Google search window
- Memo Pad: A simple memo pad
- Widget Settings: Balloon style, sound and automatic start settings
- Quit: Quits the Asimo Desktop Widget
- Honda Logo: Opens your browser to the Honda Worldwide site

You can drag the Menu window to place it anywhere on the screen.

Download the Asimo Desktop Widget