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Honda Confident Market Will Rally For Remainder Of ‘09

9 April 2009 - First quarter sales figures for the motorcycle industry have just been released by the FCAI, and although the expected decline across the board has impacted all manufacturers to some extent, Honda Australia is looking forward to a strong recovery in the coming months.

Honda’s General Manager, Motorcycles, Tony Hinton said sales will improve from this point forward as the company has taken an informed and strategic approach to ensuring the business remains strong.

"We are confident that our remaining three quarters for the year will be stronger. We have done what is necessary to stay buoyant such as focusing on inventory management and planning for a different kind of market in the coming years,” Mr Hinton said.

“Honda wants to ensure that our dealers remain strong, and balancing their inventory in line with market conditions is a priority. It’s about responsible economic management.”

Regardless of lower retail figures for the January to March 2009 period, Honda continued to have a strong presence in all of the major sectors such as ATV, Supersport, Touring, Enduro, Motocross, Fun, Farm, Trail, Naked and Scooter.

"The two wheel industry can always bank on the fact that motorcycles are a fantastic option for people who are looking for an economical way to get around.”

“Buyer confidence and a willingness to make a discretionary spend on a motorcycle has started to show again in recent weeks, and I think we will see stronger sales for sectors that cater to the commuter market in particular in the future,” he added.

Honda is currently reviewing their product line up, and as a result, will be bringing in a number of new models before the end of the year aimed at meeting the demands of these new market conditions.

Whilst bolstering sales remains important, Honda will also continue to remain focused on key matters that are peripheral to the retail sector.

“We remain committed to expanding on our training and safety through our HART facilities, and in fact, will be launching the all-new Victorian centre next month,” Mr Hinton said.

“Honda also remains committed to working with Government to improve conditions for motorcyclists through our membership on key industry bodies.”