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Honda Hits All-Time Record With Sales For Year End

The total for year end March 2007 amounted to JPY 11,087.1 billion, a rise of 11.9%, attributed to increased revenue in all business areas.

In particular, all-time record unit sales were realized in the automobile and power product business areas.

Honda also realized an all-time record for equity in income of affiliates, with JPY 103.4 billion (+3.8%), for the seventh consecutive year due mainly to increased income of affiliates in Asia.

In regard to motorcycles, Honda produced 10.369 million units worldwide, a slight increase on the previous financial year due to higher sales in South America and India which offset decreased sales in Japan and North America.

There was a substantial increase of over 9% in the production of power products, equalling 6.421 million units. The increase was due mainly to sales growth in North America and Europe.

Honda is now planning for unit sales totals of 10.33 million motorcycles, 3.935 million automobiles, and 6.505 million power products for the fiscal year ending 2008.