Honda Motorcycles, Marine And Power Equipment Turns 15

Since its humble beginnings, MPE has grown at an exponential rate to become the most successful company of its kind in this country.

Sales for Honda MPE in the 2004 - 2005 financial year exceeded $300 million which represented approximately 200,000 products.

Further, it is estimated that approximately 1 million Honda products are now used throughout Australia every day, which includes the use of motorcycles, power equipment, engines, outboards and motor vehicles.

Stuart Strickland, who after many years with the company, was appointed as the first Australian Managing Director ever in 2005. He explains that the company’s success has been due to following a number of guiding principles.

 “We have always aimed to provide the best products and services for our unique market, but we also strive to maintain an international viewpoint,” he said.

“Although our company is relatively new in the Honda network, it has become one of the most successful, relatively speaking.”

“This is extremely rewarding and we have our associates, our Dealer network and our customers in Australia to thank for that.”

Today, the 1.295 hectare site comprises 5,588 square meters of building and along with administrative functions, includes a parts warehouse, workshop and race team operations.

In the past 15 years, Honda MPE has celebrated a number of significant achievements including: