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Honda’s Unrecyclable Plastic Waste To Be Made Into Fence Posts

19 February, 2009 - Honda MPE has taken another step towards sustainability, sending previously unrecyclable plastic by-products to be made into fence posts by local business Australian Composite Technology Pty Ltd.

The company spent nine years on research and development before starting up their business, and now recycle plastics that could have previously spent hundreds of years biodegrading.

Materials such as motorcycle fairings, plastic wrapping, protective coatings and bubble wrap, which used to be considered unrecyclable, are now stored in Honda’s plastic stillage to be picked up by Australian Composite Technology.

The fence posts created are predominately used on farms, as well as vineyards and oyster farms as they are fire resistant and immune from fungus and termites. They usually last over 50 years.

“We’re just doing our little bit, any way we can,” said Lincoln Bowdern, Motorcycle Service Department Assistant Manager, who organised the initiative.