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Honda Generator Survives Being Hit By A Truck

24 November 2008 - When WA farmer Dud Bell looked up to see his Honda EM50is generator hurtling down the road at 60 kph, he thought it was time to say goodbye.A truck had slammed into his Ute and flung the generator from the back tray, sending it somersaulting down the road into what he assumed would be oblivion.

“I thought it was absolutely stuffed. The amount of times it bounced, I thought there was no way that thing could have survived,” said Mr Bell.

He took the generator into JT Chainsaws and Mowers in Busselton, WA, to assess the damage for insurance purposes.

“Dud came in with this generator that looked very sick, but when we installed a new battery it started straight away!” said Gavin Cook, the Dealer Principal at JT Chainsaws and Mowers.

“It still went, I couldn’t believe it. They patched it up and it’s as good as new. I’m still using it now,” tells Mr Bell.

Dud Bell runs a dairy and beef farm and uses his Honda EM50is, as well as a smaller EM30, for a wide range of jobs around the farm.

Out on the land Mr Bell needs equipment that is both robust and dependable, and relies on Honda’s Advanced Four-stroke Technology to get jobs done in challenging conditions.

“I use the generators for angle grinding and drilling out in the paddocks, powering the caravans when we go away, even to have a shower and light up the house when the power goes out.”

“I’m really happy with the Honda generators. They don’t annoy people because they’re so quiet. My wife and I often use them to power our two air conditioned caravans, which is a huge job and requires a lot of power.”

“We’re not too fussy with them, we always stick them on the dirt and they just go. We tried to do that with another brand and it only lasted nine hours. I’ve been using the Honda EM50is for three years and have never had a problem, not even when I was hit by a truck!”

Mr Bell also uses a Honda water pump for fire fighting as well as spraying the pastures.

“We generally need a fair bit of horsepower for what we do, and the pump has worked like a dream.”

“I’m really happy with every Honda product I own. For a generator to survive what my EM50is went through is just incredible.”

The Honda EM50is offers nearly 15 hours of continuous operation on one fuel tank and delivers electricity that is better than commercial quality. It also features an ‘I-Monitor’ function that automatically shuts down the engine when the oil is low and alerts the operator when maintenance is due.

Honda offer a wide range of generators across the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial categories, all powered by Honda’s Advanced Four-Stroke technology that ensures fuel efficiency, reliability and quiet operation.