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Honda Tops List In Consumer Testing

21 November 2008 - Honda Power Equipment's advanced four-stroke Buffalo lawnmower has topped a list compiled by a leading Australian consumer advocacy group, with testing revealing outstanding results in performance, comfort and ease of starting.

Compared alongside 12 petrol four-stroke mowers, the Honda Buffalo Buck HRU 19R was put through its paces and praised for being 'very easy to start', featuring a 'very comfortable handle' and offering 'excellent cutting performance on tall grass', with no negative points mentioned.

According to Honda Power Equipment Manager, Ray Briffa, the independent test results confirm Honda's position in the market as a high quality manufacturer of premium products.

"Honda is the only power equipment manufacturer to offer a complete range of four-stroke powerproducts, and one of the very few to still manufacture its lawnmower range locally in Australia, ensuring the product is well suited to withstand the rigours of our demanding conditions," he said.

"Our advanced four-stroke technology offers lower noise and exhaust emissions while maintaining strong power and torque characteristics, providing exceptional cutting performance combined with user friendliness and comfort.

"In addition, our mowers offer exceptional fuel efficiency and reduced environmental impact, as there is no need for oil and fuel mixing unlike two-stroke power products.

"It is also welcoming to see that the independent tester does not recommend two-stroke engines due to the excessive pollution produced, noting that four-stoke products emit half the carbon monoxide and one-tenth the hydrocarbons of a comparable two-stroke product," he added.

Testing included an assessment of the various lawnmowers' cutting ability on all length grasses, as well as the finished appearance of the lawn, while the ease of use criteria rated the mowers on vibration and comfort of the handle bar, ease of movement, convenience of controls and cutting height adjustment, as well as ease of starting.

As well as these criteria, noise emissions were measured and safety was assessed by checking the blade stopping time and conducting a foot probe test.

According to Mr Briffa, Honda lawnmowers are one of the few brands that meet the stringent Australian Mower Standards.

"Honda's current HRU Series mowers have passed all Australian Standard requirements, which includes the foot probe test, in addition to tests covering impact, thrown objects, structural integrity, unbalance, and reverse torque test, just to name a few," he said.

With features including height adjustable and easy to operate handle controls, easy to pull starter cord, the availability of multi-height cut positions, dual catcher handles for carrying and emptying, large easy to manoeuvre wheels and light frame, the Honda Buffalo range fulfils all the purchasing requirements suggested by the tester.

The tested Buffalo Buck is available in either standard (HRU19R) or mulch and catch (HRU19D) models. These models feature the powerful yet fuel efficient GCV160 engine and light yet strong 19" aluminium deck eliminating rust.

The Honda Buffalo lawnmower range extends to cover both domestic and commercial applications, with 11 models on offer, from the Buck right through to the heavy-duty HRC216 Commercial mower and HUT216 Utility, popular with professional garden-care contractors.

Honda also offers an expansive range of other four-stroke power equipment covering products including generators, brushcutters, tillers, and the world's first four-stroke blower and hedgecutter.