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Honda Praises Sydney’s Approach To Two-Wheelers

4 August 2008 – Honda Australia says all major cities should aim to follow in the footsteps of a proactive new Motorcycle and Scooter Strategy for Sydney announced recently by the city’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

Moore launched a draft plan to be presented to Sydney City Council that proposes free parking on certain parts of the street, cheaper road tolls for those travelling on two wheels and the installation of public charging points for electric motorcycles.

Further initiatives include street locking devices, discounted rates for parking stations and residential permits, and a safety awareness campaign to better educate drivers.

The plan has been designed to encourage smaller, more environmentally friendly modes of travel and aims to support a shift away from larger, higher polluting vehicles.

“It is fantastic to see that government at a local level are recognising the need to look after those people who opt to use fuel efficient, low emission vehicles,” said Honda’s General Manager, Motorcycles, Tony Hinton.

“Scooters and motorcycles sales are continuing to go up because people of all ages realise they are a viable commuting alternative in the face of rising fuel costs and environmental issues.”

Compared to the first six months of last year, the number of people purchasing road motorcycles has increased by 9% and scooters by nearly 8%, according to figures recently released by the FCAI.

“It is particularly encouraging to see that the City of Sydney is recognising the need to reduce road tolls for riders.”

“Motorcycles and scooters take up less space than cars on the road and cause far less wear and tear on infrastructure so it is only fair that riders be offered an incentive.”

“We are hopeful that other large cities in Australia will follow suit with those additional initiatives they do not already have in place,” Mr Hinton added.