Forza-X 2007


Australia’s diverse scooter market has enjoyed a dazzling array of new models over the last few years, with ever-more attractive new arrivals designed to appeal to a broader spectrum of riding styles, tastes and needs.

From simple and economical basic modes of transportation to high-tech sports scooters and larger, more luxurious commuting machines that compete with motorcycles in utility and performance, scooters have gained wide acceptance as viable alternatives to the glut of cars that now clog Australia’s crowded urban centres.

Of special interest over the last few years is the fact that scooters have not only won a following among young people, they have also attracted significant attention among more affluent working people who have been gratified to discover the exceptional range of comfort and styles available at the higher end of the price and displacement scale, not to mention the superb convenience and ease of use that the 250cc class of scooters have to offer.


  • Compact, High-Powered 250cc 4-Stroke Single-Cylinder Engine
  • Large Fuel Tank
  • Responsive Motorcycle-Class Suspension System
  • Advanced Combined Disc Brake System
  • The World’s First Honda Smart Card Key System for Motorcycles