Silver Wing 2007


Unique Features:

  • Air Induction system and built-in catalyser reduce exhaust emissions
  • Heavy-duty dual-damper rear suspension
  • Combined Brake System (CBS)


  • Silver wing EngineThe Silver Wing is powered by a newly developed 582cm3 parallel twin-cylinder engine that was specially designed to provide a smooth, high-powered surge of quick-accelerating performance from its compact configuration.
  • Featuring a high-performance double overhead camshaft (DOHC) configuration and four valves per cylinder, the engine’s exceptionally compact and narrow dimensions were made possible by a new vertically split crankcase design that eliminates the need for the centre journal that would normally reside between the big-end bearings for the two connecting rods. Also eliminated were the space and weight this journal would normally contribute.
  • The engine’s lightweight ‘slipper’- type pistons also contribute to its strong performance by helping to reduce internal drag for sharp response and quick acceleration.
  • The Silver Wing’s proven V-Matic final drive transmission system provides strong, smooth and linear acceleration under all riding conditions. Sealed in the Wing’s rigid cast aluminium swingarm, the concentrically mounted belt drive pivots around the frame-mounted engine’s crankshaft for both reduced engine and driveline length and minimal effect on belt tension through the suspension stroke. The cast swingarm also features a uniquely formed shape that tapers sharply inward from its wide pivot mounts to allow ample room for the Silver Wing’s large-capacity oval muffler.
  • The Silver Wing’s uniquely designed 7-litre, stainless steel canister-style muffler features an attractive oval design that helps maintain the Silver Wing’s slim profile while minimising noise emissions. The muffler features an elegant chrome cover for the ultimate in style, and a rubber bumper strip along its lower length to provide protection against damage from tipovers and brushes with low objects.


  • Silverwing SeatThe Silver Wing’s rigid tubular steel frame was specially designed to provide light, responsive handling and confident control in virtually all riding situations, and especially when riding fully loaded with a passenger in tow. Unique to most scooters of any displacement, the Silver Wing’s engine is mounted directly to its frame, instead of pivoting with the swingarm in a unitary configuration. This configuration helps improve mass centralisation for lighter and easier control. The engine is rubber-mounted to help minimise the transmission of vibration to the rider.
  • The Silver Wing features a large-capacity 16-litre fuel tank, which is one of the largest in the scooter class. Providing a wide range of long-distance riding enjoyment, it also makes possible nearly a week’s normal daily operation on a single tankful of fuel. Positioned low and forward in the frame, the fuel tank contributes to the Wing’s mass centralisation while providing a convenient filler spout behind an integrated locking cover built into the floor tunnel that allows easy access without having to leave the seat.
  • Designed to carry two in comfort, the Silver Wing’s suspension system must be made to handle heavier loads than most scooters while ensuring precise and confident control in nearly all riding conditions.
  • Its motorcycle-class hydraulic front fork features large-diameter 41mm fork tubes solidly gripped by the steering head’s lower triple-clamps. Featuring a trailing axle configuration, the lower fork sliders provide a full 120mm of long-stroke axle travel, not to mention solid, responsive control and confident handling even when carrying a passenger.
  • The Silver Wing’s rear swingarm is supported by two heavy-duty dampers featuring dual-rate springs and 5 steps of preload adjustment for a comfortable, well-controlled ride, as well as 120mm of axle travel and high torsional rigidity. The rearward positioning of the dampers also helps maximise the available storage space in the Wing’s large Met-In compartment, while also contributing to its lightweight design.
  • Hydraulic Combined Brake System for enhanced operating ease, especially for less expert riders, the Silver Wing features Honda’s exclusive Combined Brake system for optimised braking operation, easy control and enhanced riding confidence. This advanced, scooter oriented system uses a Combined three-piston front disc brake caliper that stops its large-diameter 256mm rotor between sintered metal pads, and a compact dual piston caliper rear brake that grips a 220mm rotor.


  • Silverwing HeadlightFully Integrated Instrument Panel with the look of an expensive sport sedan and featuring an attractive oval motif, the Silver Wing’s large, fully integrated instrument panel provides an impressive view of all operating conditions. Its large-face central speedometer is surrounded by an instantly responsive electronic tachometer on the left and a large, oval LCD providing readouts for coolant temperature, fuel, odometer/ tripmeter and a clock on the right. Elegantly underlined by a row of large, bright indicator lights, the speedometer also features a small red LED for its anti-theft security system.
  • Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S.)is now featured on several of its most impressive road bikes, Honda’s innovative H.I.S.S. anti-theft security system utilises an ingenious electronic interlock that prevents the engine from being started by any other than the motorcycle’s two original keys.
  • Since the H.I.S.S. disables the motorcycle at the heart of its ignition system, it cannot be bypassed by either hot-wiring the ignition or exchanging the ignition switch module, thus rendering impossible one of the most common types of motorcycle theft: being ridden away. The combination switch also features rugged construction to resist tampering.


  • Digital Silver Metallic

Digital Silver Metallic