Silver Wing 2007


The large and powerful Silver Wing expands the ‘scooter’ concept to breathtaking dimensions. Spacious and impressive in every way, the Silver Wing flies over roads and motorways with majestic ease.

Its breathtaking surge of acceleration is provided by a high-performance fuel-injected DOHC parallel-twin engine that delivers an eye-opening rush of power with each effortless twist of its throttle.

With sleek, aerodynamic styling and exceptional wind protection and riding comfort, the Silver Wing also makes quite a capable touring machine, if the urge comes (and it surely will) to extend your riding enjoyment.

Its carrying capacity is also top-of the- line, with a cavernous compartment secreted away under its seat that can hold more than you ever thought you could carry on a scooter.


  • Modern, aerodynamic bodywork styling
  • Powerful 582cm3 liquid-cooled fuel-injected DOHC parallel-twin engine
  • Air Induction system and built-in catalyser reduce exhaust emissions
  • Sturdy, responsive 41mm motorcycle-type front fork
  • Heavy-duty dual-damper rear suspension
  • Combined Brake System (CBS)
  • Large-capacity 16-litre fuel tank positioned low for better handling
  • Large, stepped dual seat with comfortable low seat height
  • Large-capacity storage space under spring-loaded locking seat
  • Two conveniently located glove boxes
  • HISS (Honda Ignition Security System)