About HART

Honda Australia Rider Training (HART) is fully owned and run by Honda MPE who, apart from being the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer, is also one of the world’s largest trainers of motorcyclist. All instructors are trained to Honda’s World Instructor standard, so you can be assured the training you receive will be of the highest quality. HART is a Quality Endorsed Company and a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 20866).

HART is a non-profit division of Honda MPE and conducts training for all levels of motorcyclists from beginner through to advanced, ATV and Off-Road, across a broad range of the community including; the general public, private companies and Government departments such as Australia Post.

HART is at the forefront of rider training technology and curriculum with the utilisation of Honda’s Riding Simulators. The simulators offer riders the opportunity to develop and improve their Hazard Perception skills, via real time simulation with the ability to replay and review the riders’ response to various hazards.

A fleet of current model Honda motorcycles ranging from 50cc automatic scooters and CBF250s through to CB600 Hornets are supplied free of charge for all courses (except those at St Ives facility). HART offers many levels of training, each with specific objectives designed to suit the particular riders’ needs. For most courses, helmets, gloves and wet weather gear can be supplied free of charge, if required.

HART also delivers ATV training to the rural community, private business, and government departments. The Course in All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Riding 21669VIC is Nationally Recognised Training, and the only ATV specific accredited course of its kind in Australia.

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HART opened in 1989 with a 15,000 square meter training range at the Tullamarine site in Melbourne’s north. This facility was based on Honda’s highly successful Suzuka Traffic Education Centre in Japan. The Suzuka facility has been operating for over three decades and Honda’s decision to establish HART in Australia is a reflection of the companies’ international commitment to doing a great deal more than just manufacturing and marketing motorcycles.

In 1994 HART expanded by opening a second training centre in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Kilsyth. In 1995 the Tullamarine facility was expanded to be able to operate two courses simultaneously.

In 1999 HART expanded into other Australian states. A HART centre associated with Honda Motor Vehicles and Driver Training was established at St Ives, New South Wales. Rider training courses are being conducted under contract with the RTA to train and test riders at Learner and Provisional motorcycle level. Motorcycle rider training for more experienced riders, and motor vehicle courses are also conducted at St Ives.

In 2003 HART had conducted training for over 70,000 motorcycle riders. Overall, HART currently conducts training for 18,000 motorcyclists a year in Australia.

In August 2008, HART’s St Ives centre began operation under the Honda Motorcycles and Power Equipment banner, commencing the widening of HART throughout the Eastern states. In September 2008, HART opened a dedicated motorcycle rider training centre at Brisbane Airport. As Queensland is now the largest motorcycle state in Australia, HART’s experience of 20 years will be a positive factor for new and existing riders.

May 2009 was the end of an era with HART in Tullamarine closing its doors - moving to a bigger and better site at 200 Hume Highway in Somerton. This new site will also be the home of Honda Motorcycles and Power Equipment in the future. HART’s Somerton site boasts an even larger range than Tullamarine with the ability to allow more road realistic speeds.

On 15th of December 2009 HART officially celebrates it's 20th Anniversary.

HART has announced the introduction of a training venue in Melbourne's South East at the Cranbourne Racing Centre. In opening this new training venue, HART hopes to encourage safer riding in one of the large growth area of Melbourne.