Gift Certificate

A HART Gift Certificate sends the perfect message to the motorcycle enthusiasts in your life.

Whether they are just beginning or have years of experience, a HART gift certificate is a "Safe" choice for a birthday, anniversary or occasions where you want to send the message, "I care about your safety."

Give a gift that could save a life! HART Gift Certificates can be purchased for as little as $100 (maximum $900) and put towards the fees of any HART course chosen.

We recommend that you read this document before purchasing a HART Gift Certificate. If you have any questions or would like more information on our Gift Certificates, please call HART on (03) 9270 1377.

Purchasing Gift Certificates and agreeing to these Terms of Use

By purchasing a HART Gift Certificate you agree to the Terms of Use contained in this document.

Gift Certificate Inclusions & Exclusions: Gift Certificates are redeemable for HART Courses to the value of the Gift Certificate purchase price. If the selected Course exceeds the Gift Certificate purchase amount, the Gift Certificate recipient must pay the difference (this must be paid within one week of the booking into your selected course).

If the Gift Certificate Amount exceeds the cost of the selected course, the excess amount will remain in credit against the Gift Certificate Recipient's account for a period of 12 months. HART Gift Certificates are non refundable. The Gift Certificate purchaser may however transfer the Gift Certificate amount to another recipient or student.

Pre May 2006, HART Gift Certificate purchased for specific courses levels will be honoured as such.

Gift Certificates and Discount Offers:

Gift certificates are purchased at their face value. When a gift certificate is redeemed, it can be used in conjunction with valid discount offers and to pay for all HART offers, just like cash.

Using your HART Gift Certificate

Select the HART course you wish to participate in. Course dates and locations can be obtained by phone on (03) 9270 1377, in person at 200 Hume Highway Somerton or via email request, hart@hondampe.com.au.

Please note:

No bookings are taken at our Kilsyth Office. HART Courses are subject to availability.

Checking your Gift Certificate Balance and Transaction History

You can check your Gift Certificate balance, expiry date and course history at any time by calling (03) 9270 1377.

Validity and Expiry of the Gift Certificate

Your Gift Certificate will be valid for use for 12 months from the date of issue. Your Gift Certificate will expire on the last day of the month 12 months from the date of its purchase (eg. if you purchase your Gift Certificate on 10/12/2011 or 10 December 2011, the Gift Certificate will expire 30/12/2012 or 30 December 2012)

Lost or Stolen Gift Certificates

Each Gift Certificate purchased is recorded under the name of the intended Gift Certificate recipient. Lost or stolen certificates can be validated by calling our central bookings number. Transfers of unused Certificates can only be done by the person who purchased the Gift Certificate or by the initial intended recipient. Values under $100.00 can not be transferred.

Changes to Terms of Use

We reserve the right to change any of the terms contained in these Terms of Use at any time. Changes to Terms of Use will be available on the website http://www.hartridertraining.com.au or via phone on (03) 9270 1377.

Goods or services

If you have reason to believe that an error has occurred in relation to your Gift Certificate, you should call (03) 9270 1377.