Driver Training

HART conducts a comprehensive series of driver training courses. All courses focus on safe driving and survival skill, rather than speed or performance - translating into a good lifetime investment for all drivers.

For more information please visit the driving training website at: www.honda.com.au/hart


Motorcycles are vehicles and have the same rights and responsibilities on the road as other road users.

Motorists can make it easier and safer for motorcyclists to ride on the road if they follow these simple steps.  

  • Check for motorcyclists - check your blind spots for motorcyclists before changing course, turning or opening your car door.
  • Give way when required - treat motorcyclists like any other vehicle - give way when required and travel at a safe following distance.
  • Be patient - wait until it's safe before overtaking a motorcyclist. It won't hold you up long and it could save their life. If a motorcyclist is ahead of you and you are turning left, turn behind the motorcyclist. Overtaking and cutting off a motorcyclist is extremely dangerous.
  • Take extra care at night and in the wet - watch out for motorcycles at night, dawn or dusk. Be considerate and dip your headlights when approaching a motorcyclist. Wet weather means oily, slippery roads and poor visibility for all road users so give special consideration around motorcyclists at these times.