2 Day Training and Assessment Course

Intermediate This course runs over two consecutive days and is designed for those who have never ridden a motorcycle.  This course covers the basics of the motorcycle and it operation and handling.  It then moves on to Q-Ride training and assessment.

During the course you will be trained and assessed in all Q-Ride Units of Competency. After successfully passing all Units of Competency H.A.R.T. is authorised by Queensland Transport to issue Q-Ride Certificates of Competency for students to present at Queensland Transport to obtain their licence.

Daytime courses begin at 7:45am sharp and finish at approximately 4:00pm. (Lunch break is around noon.) It is important that you arrive at the H.A.R.T. Centre as requested as latecomers may not be permitted to start the course due to our safety and legal obligations.

Latecomers will be treated as a cancellation and no monies will be refunded. (This course requires no previous motorcycle experience, only that you have completed your learner licence obtained through successful completion of a multiple choice test taken at Queensland Transport).

If completing your class RE licence, you will be provided with a Honda CBF250 to use during the course, or upon request a Honda scooter (class REA). If completing assessment for your class R licence, you will be provided with a Honda CB600 motorcycle to use during the course.

Please notify HART whether you will be requiring a HART motorcycle for the duration of your training and assessment course at the time of booking. HART prefers you to use your own helmet and gloves but if you do not have them, we can loan them to you, free of charge, for the duration of the course.

All students must wear full coverage clothing whilst riding - without exception. Use of HART motorcycle, helmet and gloves are included in the course cost.

N.B Riding a motorcycle requires balance and co-ordination. We strongly recommend that you practice riding a bicycle prior to attending the course. This will help develop balance skills that you may be lacking.

If you do not generally drive a manual car, doing so may help you gain an appreciation for the systems involved in motorcycle gear selection and clutch control. (Please ensure you have an appropriate licence to do so).

Phone HART on (07) 3341 5657 for information on the next available course or complete the online booking request form. Available course dates can be located on the hartridertraining home page.

Steps to obtain your Unrestricted Motorcycle Licence (class R)

  1. Obtain Learner Licence at Queensland Transport
  2. Book and pay for Q-Ride course
  3. Attend and pass Q-Ride training and assessment (class RE)
  4. Present Competency Certificate to Queensland Transport to obtain class RE licence
  5. Hold class RE licence for 12 months
  6. Book and pay for Q-Ride course
  7. Attend and pass Q-Ride trainings and assessment (class R)
  8. Present Competency Certificate to Queensland Transport to obtain class R licence

*Please note that completing Q-Ride training and assessment on a scooter, you will obtain licence class REA and then class RA