This course has been designed specifically for those who already ride a motorcycle and want to enjoy riding a motorcycle even more. This course is also suitable for those returning to riding or those with little experience on a larger capacity motorcycle.

The riding skill required for this course isn’t as high as that for the advanced course and probably suits newer riders who are possibly require more practice on a larger capacity motorcycle or riders who are getting back into riding motorcycles after a break.

The HART Intermediate Course is a course held over half a day at Mt Cotion Training Centre on the MMA from 8:00am - 12:00pm.

Course Cost


What will be covered during the course?

All courses address practical motorcycling skills such as straight line braking, corner braking, counter steering or swerving, throttle control, slow speed riding and exercises which combine different skills within the one exercise.

Other components such as the slalom course which aims to improve cornering lines, eye direction and riding posture which are included in these fun and progressive courses. All of the HART higher level rider training courses are designed to improve your confidence and safety for use everyday as a motorcyclist on the road.

Any special requirements?

As with all HART courses, students must wear full coverage clothing whilst riding - without exception. HART higher level courses held at Mt Cotton require students to use their own motorcycle which must be registered and roadworthy. Students are requested to provide their own helmet, gloves, boots and protective jacket and pants for these courses.

Phone HART (07) 3341 5657 for information on the next available course or complete the online booking request form.