Riding Simulator

Victorian Riding Simulator Just New to Riding? Want to develop your Road Skills safely? HART has training sessions available using the Riding Simulator. Ideal for the new rider, develop your lane positioning and hazard perception skills using the Simulator.

The Honda Riding Simulator is an educational tool used to develop riders' hazard perception skills. HART is the only rider trainer in Australia to use this state of the art technology.

In order to make the experience as realistic as possible, the simulator closely duplicates a motorcycle's behaviour and even mimics other conditions such as wind and surrounding noise. Riders guide their "bike" through an imaginary city where they encounter a variety of danger patterns and riding conditions that have been simulated in ways specifically designed to augment the learning process.

Course Pricing

For information on course pricing see the Queensland Course Pricing section.

Hours of Operation

HART centres operate all year round. Riding simulator sessions are offered at selected times.

More Information

For more information on the course or the next available course date please contact HART on (07) 3341 5657 or complete the online booking request form..