Off-Road Courses

The H.A.R.T. Off Road course three-and-a-half hour course designed for people that have previously ridden a motorcycle.

Your course begins at either 8:30am or 12:30pm sharp and finishes at midday or 4:00pm. It is important that you arrive at the H.A.R.T. Centre as requested as latecomers will not be permitted to start the course due to our safety and legal obligations.

During your course, you will practice skills such as cornering, braking, riding over an obstacle, hill climb, traverse a hill as well as a trail ride. Towards the conclusion of the course, you will have the opportunity to have a free ride on HART's dirt bike track. With a maximum ratio of 1 instructor to 4 students, you will receive high quality training.

Adults may use their own motorcycle will be supplied with a Honda CRF230 or a CRF150 motorcycle. If you require a specific bike, please discuss the availability with a staff member at the time of booking. If using your own motorcycle, the minimum requirement is recreational registration. Adult participants are expected to hold a minimum of a motorcycle learner permit and be competent in the safe operation of all controls and familiar with changing gears with a manual clutch.

Children must provide their own motorcycle for the duration of the course, and will complete a Motorcycle Australia day Licence on the day of the course. Child participants are expected to be familiar with riding their own off road motorcycle.

All students must provide their own motorcycle riding boots, knee guards, nylon pants, helmet and either a motocross jacket or body armour and jersey - without exception. If you have not ridden a motorcycle recently then the H.A.R.T. Two Day Learner Permit Course (Level 1, 2, & 3), which also includes the testing and issuing of the Motorcycle Learner Permit would be the place to start. For further information on this course or if you require guidance on which course would best suit you please speak to a H.A.R.T. staff member.

Phone HART on (03) 9270 1377 or for additional information on all HART courses, check the website: www.hartridertraining.com.au.