Student Information

Australian Licencing Rules

Each Australian state has different rules and regulations for Motorcycle licensing.



50cc Scooter licence Information by State

Safety and Riding Tips for Beginners and the Experienced



Wet Weather Riding

No matter if you ride daily, once a week or only ride on weekends, eventually you are going to have to ride in the rain. Some useful wet weather riding tips have been put together to keep you safe in the wet.


Carrying Passengers and Cargo

Carrying a passenger can effect the way a motorcycle handles. We have provided specific tips to help both the rider and the passenger.


Street Strategies

Avoiding accidents is primarily a matter of knowing how to avoid collisions with cars. We provide you with some helpful tips on what to look out for in urban areas.


Visual Information

What visual cues are actually used in riding? Vision research answered this question by devising a method to describe a riders visual search process. This was done by means of an eye movement recording system. This device recorded where the rider was looking while riding along the highway.