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Advanced II

Course WeekDay Weekend
Advanced I N/A $300
Advanced II N/A $340

Phone HART on 03 9270 1377 for further information, or review Victoria Course Availability or Queensland Course Availability.

HART is now running our
Top Of The Range Advanced II Rider Training Course. To be eligible for this course you must have successfully completed either Intermediate or Advanced I training with HART.

Level 10 - Advanced II Rider Course at Broadford or Sandown

Advanced II is without a doubt, one of the most sought after courses that we offer. This high level riding course will sharpen your everyday riding skills and get your brain into gear by establishing skills and concepts involved with superior motorcycle handling and control techniques.

This course is not just "how" but also looks at "why", fine tuning your mental and physical skills to allow you to get the best out of your riding. Our course is conducted at Broadford or Sandown and is not designed as a race day, however it will give you the opportunity to ride at speed and to develop and refine crucial skills. Under the guidance of HART's highly experienced instructors, and working in a controlled safe environment, you will be able to extend your skills and improve your confidence. Not to mention the fun factor!

As motorcycling is a very physical and mentally demanding competence, correct body posture, rider input and knowledge can make the difference between full control or loosing it, particularly in real world hazardous situations.

This course is designed to take an in depth look at a riders skills and remedy any weak areas by advice and practical demonstration from HART's most experienced instructors. The course concentrates on advanced rider skills with special focus on those areas that present the greatest risks to motorcyclists on the road and can be undertaken on your own motorcycle, or by hiring one of HART's CB600 Hornets.

The HART Riding Instructors have many years of motorcycle training and riding experience. They are the very best in their field. You will have full confidence in their expertise, ability, and guidance.

What will be covered during the course?

  • Using eye direction, correct posture, and rider input to get the most out of your motorcycle.
  • Cornering techniques including set up, counter steering, setting and changing cornering lines.
  • Braking points and techniques to reduce emergency stopping distances, and to improve cornering control.
  • Throttle control and weight transfer techniques to enable quick changes of direction as well as optimising grip and improving overall smoothness.
  • Judgement exercises that will improve cornering and the rider's ability to 'Read the Road'.

Any special requirements?


Participants must be fully licenced, regular riders who have completed the Intermediate or Advanced I Course.


Participants can use their own Motorcycles which must be registered and in roadworthy condition. All motorcycle will be checked for roadworthiness before the commencement of the course. Motorcycles not meeting RWC will not be allowed to participate in the course and the course fees will be forfeited.

HART can provide participants with a CB400 or CB600 Hornet for a $150 hire fee. Riders will be responsible for a $2000 excess if the motorcycle is damaged during the course.

Clothing Standard

As a minimum for safety equipment on the Broadford course, all riders must wear full leathers (1 or 2 piece) or equivalent fitted with shoulder, elbow and knee protection, full-face helmet (AS 1698), motorcycle gloves, motorcycle boots, and back protector which is commercially manufactured to conform to CE Mark: pr En1621-1 (European Standards). If you do not have a Back Protector, HART will provide you with one for the day.

Is there a way I can safely practice my riding?

Once you have attended a HART higher level rider training course, you are eligible to participate in a HART Advanced level practice sessions. For $70 during the week, or $80 on weekends you can book an hour and a half practice session with guidance from a HART Instructor. As with the courses, HART will provide you with a motorcycle to use during the practice session. This is an ideal way to maintain your high level riding skills.