Learner Permit Prerequisites

Course WeekDay Weekend
2 Day Learner $295.00 $310.00
Flexi Learner $310.00 $310.00
1 Day Learner $240.00 $260.00

Phone HART on 03 9270 1377 for further information, or review Victoria Course Availability or Queensland Course Availability.

Legislation on how to obtain your motorcycle learner permit and/or motorcycle licence varies from state to state in Australia. To obtain your learners permit from HART is fantastic. It gives you the freedom from that day to ride a LAMS approved motorcycle or scooter.

To be issued with a Motorcycle Learner Permit you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age on the day of testing.
  • Hold a current Victorian Car Learner Permit or Licence
  • Not be currently suspended, refused or disqualified from holding a licence in Australia or Overseas.
  • Provide Proof of Identity & Residence.
  • Pass a VicRoads eye test.
  • Pass the VicRoads Motorcycle Learner Permit Skill Assessment.
  • Pass the Motorcycle Knowledge Test - (To prepare for this test read Victorian Rider Handbook - 2010 Edition )
  • If you do not have a current Victorian Car licence or Learner Permit, you will also need to attend VicRoads and sit a Road Law Knowledge Test to obtain your Victorian Learners Permit (or convert your interstate licence to Victorian) prior to booking in with HART
  • You MUST meet VicRoads medical standards to be issued with a permit. If you have a medical condition or are taking any prescription medicine, you may be required to obtain a medical report from your doctor or health care professional, this must be completed prior to attending your course.

For more information on any courses contact HART on (03) 9270 1377.