Refresher Course

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Whether you've been away from bikes for two months or ten years, it takes time and practice to feel comfortable and confident once you get back on a motorcycle. HART recognises this fact, and has also taken note of the increasing number of returning riders represented in the crash statistics over the last few years.

Over the past decade, lapsed riders are returning to motorcycles for both pleasure and as an alternative form of transport in ever increasing numbers. Unfortunately, the number of these ‘returning riders' involved in crashes has also been increasing. HART is proactively addressing this trend by providing a specialised refresher course for those motorcyclists getting back into riding after time out of the saddle.

The HART ‘Refresher Course' not only aims to improve riding skills, but just as importantly, helps riders to identify dangerous traffic situations and road hazards through interactive exercises using Australia's only Riding Simulator. This full-size motorcycle and audio-visual simulator trains riders to recognise and negotiate the most common hazards faced on the road.  Many of these hazards on our roads are specific to riders, thus the course concentrates on these scenarios, aiming to change the thinking behaviour to that of a defensive rider.

As well as Roadcraft and Hazard Perception training, half the course is spent on HART's purpose-built training range working on Defensive Riding Skills and Improving Rider Confidence. The course includes:

Roadcraft sessions involving;

  1. Hazard perception how to identify potential hazards early and reduce risk
  2. Preparing to ride / Bike check
  3. Protective clothing / Safety gear
  4. Lane positioning / Road surfaces
  5. Unexpected situations / Fatigue
  6. Common problem areas in both city and country environment.
  7. The second half of the course focuses on defensive skills training on the riding range including;

  8. Posture / Eye direction – insuring that the rider is comfortable on their bike, and that changes to posture are able to improve the ease of bike control
  9. Emergency braking - practicing quick and safe ‘emergency' stops from set speeds
  10. Counter-steering – quick sharp turns for hazard avoidance
  11. Cornering – most effective ways to approach a corner, correct lines to take, etc
  12. Slow riding and manoeuvring


The combination of improving Roadcraft and Riding Skills is aimed at putting the rider back in control of their own safety. The underlying emphasis of this program is that through self-assurance and thinking ahead, there are many ways for a rider to take control of their own safety on the road, instead of assuming that other road users will do the right thing.

Students can choose the type of bike on which they would prefer to do their training. HART offers Honda CB400 and CB600 Hornets , Honda CB250's, and Honda scooters which mean students can get the most from the course on a bike they are comfortable with.

The course can accommodate up to 6 participants and runs between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:00 pm at HART Somerton. This small group size ensures individual attention to each rider's needs, and also allows for the difficulty of the exercises to be tailored to the skill of the group.

People who ride regularly will also benefit from the course, however those who are after a program with more practical skills riding may prefer to attend a HART Intermediate Course (Level 6/7).

The cost of the Refresher Course is $220 on weekdays and $250 on weekends including GST. Cost includes student's choice of motorcycle, use of a helmet and gloves if required. In the event of inclement weather, wet weather gear is also available.

Phone HART 9270 1377 for bookings or information on the next available courses. www.hartridertraining.com.au or the Honda website www.hondamotorcycles.com.au