Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

At Honda, we believe in performance and leadership, and that’s why we’re taking a leadership position when it comes to the environment. We continue to develop low-emission technologies for our current and future watercraft Motorcycles, scooters and four-wheeled motorcycles. Our personal watercraft model exceeds the stringent 2006 EPA emissions requirements. And that’s the kind of performance everybody can appreciate.

Products with Class-leading Performance and Low Emissions

We continue to develop low-emission technologies for our current and future motorcycles, ATVs, scooters and personal watercraft, while undeniably staying committed to our goal of performance first. We already produce models, like our Gold Wing 1800, that exceed the stringent 2008 CARB (California Air Resources Board) emissions requirements years ahead of schedule. And because our new four-stroke personal watercraft use purpose-built marine-spec power plants, they meet both CARB 2004 and EPA 2006 emissions standards. In fact, all of our Motorcycle products, excluding some of our competitive closed-course racing bikes, have 4-stroke engines. (All Honda Scooters, ATVs, recreational Off-Road Bikes, in addition to the Motocross CRF450R, are equipped with 4-stroke engines). That's the kind of performance everybody can appreciate.

Our Contributions in the Industry

Honda works with many clubs and organizations in the industry towards the shared goal of environmental protection. For preservation and responsibility of our waterways, Honda serves as a contributor to the Personal Watercraft Industry.

Honda Products Lend A Helping Hand

Honda products are also actively involved in many environmental rescue missions. One mission we are particularly proud of is the use of our Honda ATVs to help the single most endangered species of sea turtle, the Kemp's-Ridley sea turtle. Joining a cooperative effort by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and the government of Mexico, Honda donated sixteen all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) earlier this year to the Ridley Sea Turtle Recovery Project, underway since 1978. Honda ATVs patrol beaches in Australia, and more than 100kms of remote beaches.