Let's all exercise Power With Responsibility and help preserve the great sporting opportunities and enjoyment of personal watercraft. Recognise too, that your Honda Personal Watercraft is actually a boat. Please learn and follow all the rules of the sea and waterways, take professional instruction where possible, and obey local rules and regulations, which may differ greatly from area to area.

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Images on these web pages may show vehicles being utilised by professionals, and no recommendation or guidance in respect of safe operation or style of use is intended or implied by the publication of these images. Read all instruction materials carefully before setting out and always wear recommended protective clothing, life preserver or PFD when boating.

These personal watercraft offer the broadest performance envelope in the entire industry with their ability to do it all – one, two or three person cruising, sport riding and the capacity to tow a skier or wake-boarder.

In all states a personal watercraft must be registered, and in most states, licensing of operators is compulsory.